The Mother F#$%ing Fly box review

Something I noticed while stocking up on saltwater flies was that one could never own a big enough fly box for the multitude of crabs, Charlies, poppers and Flippers, Clousers (including mega Clousers) and other large baitfish patterns, such as SF baitfish flies. These are essentials of a basic saltwater box for trips to a […]

Not your Average Friday

Billy McCarthy is singing to me… The Augustines front man’s soul is pouring out of my Land Rovers speakers, while the early winter countryside along the N2 east bound rolls past my window… the “Check Brake Pads” light on the dashboard  keeps flashing its orange warning at me, but I’m ignoring it… Its Thursday, I’m not […]

Whalebone Bay, a short film by Jannie Visser

I recently had a look at this short film that Jannie Visser made while fishing for blacktail and wildeperd with Michael Gradidge and myself. It really got me amped for targetting these wonderful species! With the summer season drawing to a close, I am looking forward to winter days spent fishing for this underrated quarry. […]