The Humpday Unwind

Midweek mayhem and madness? Take a moment, enjoy the short and get ready, it’s all downhill until the weekend!

Easy Money…

A cool little short of what appears to be an easy Perm – it smashes that crab!!! These things happen! From the Fly Fishing Nation’s Vimeo Page: Cuban’s inshore fisheries are hands down spectacular. With already two Permit in the book, the other day, Stephan put all his effort into a grand slam. Not bad […]

Giant Snook of Santa Rosa

If your first name Trapper, you’re kinda predestined to do some exploring. This vid has Trapper Rudd taking some massive Snook somewhere on the Yucatan Peninsula. Looks sick!

Anglers Alibi 2014

The use of a drone gives this fly fishing movie a whole new perspective; great footage and a fresh look at salmon fishing in Alaska.

In Search of Grande

Anybody heard or seen anything of these guys since this appetizer? Seems worth watching the full movie.

Back in the Saddle: A Trip with Absaroka-Beartooth Outfitters

Photographs and text by Jim Harris It’s a bright summer morning as my wife Mary Pat and I drive east on the I-90 toward Big Timber. Just outside Livingston we watch a man on horseback move cattle across a sprawling pasture, and we suddenly realize it’s been quite a while since either one of us […]

Ali Baba and the 40 Tarpon. Cuban Diary Part One

Photos by Graeme Field and Conrad Botes “Hey, whatsyourname, bonefish 11 o’clock” July 2010. It’s my second day in Jardines De La Reina, Cuba, and my guide, Bemba, is still struggling to pronounce my name. For some or other reason, Conrad is a tongue twister for Spanish speakers. Graeme Field, whom I’m sharing a skiff […]