Mouse Surface Action

From the guys at We hiked into a small creek in Colorado and found some Rainbow Trout that showed some interest in eating our mice patterns.  

Portrait of a fly. Black Death

How many fish is a good tally to take on a single fly? I suppose it depends on the species. Taking 15 smallmouth bass on a single Meatwhistle is less impressive than pinning 5 kob on a single Spongebob, for instance. Some flies are special, almost as special as the fish you caught on them […]

The All Season Angler – Paula Shearer

Reposted with the kind permission of Paula Shearer – PS On The Fly The all season angler is the fisherman who will push through it all. They are the ones that can be seen braving the coldest of temperatures, the rainiest of days, and sporting the best and worst of tan lines. It is these […]

A Bit of History, a Bit of Innovation and a bunch of Magic

Most of those interested in the pursuit of Saltwater fish with a flyrod, have no doubt heard the name of Flip Pallot… An early pioneer of chasing the worlds premier shallow water gamefish on fly, Flip is responsible for a huge number of innovations and techniques we take for granted in this day and age… […]

Jersey Blues

Last Friday I met up with Brent Flack-Davison for a drink after work in lower Manhattan. I’m in the Big Apple for work and I’m dying to scratch my striped bass itch. Brent, a born and bred Capetonian has been living in NYC for a number of years and has his finger on the local […]

This Humpday Unwind takes you to two very different places, the warmth of the tropical Bahamas and the bite of the Danish coast… Enjoy! Three days til the weekend…

The Humpday Unwind: Over Night

Midweek daydreaming from the guys at Livit Films should get you amped to get out when the weekend arrives… “Over Night” from LivitFilms on Vimeo.