Chub on fly

Gerald Penkler has been on a mission to catch the European barbel on fly. In his attempts to find suitable rivers for these fish, he’s stumbled upon several lovely spring creeks that hold good stocks of carp, chub, barbel, roach, tench, grayling and brown trout. However, the long stretches of private property along the river […]

Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean

A movie clip of friends fishing for juvenile bluefin tuna on light spinning tackle in the Mediterranean shared by Federico Castignoli from Wild Sea Expedition:

This Humpday Unwind takes you to two very different places, the warmth of the tropical Bahamas and the bite of the Danish coast… Enjoy! Three days til the weekend…

UK pike on fly

Gerald Penkler recently got lucky with his first pike on fly. The 10 pounder was caught approx. 6 m deep on a rainbow trout imitation. He reported that he lost a much bigger fish next to the boat (estimated between 15 and 20 lb), but he was satisfied with the first fish.  I believe a 10 […]

FrontSideFly Behind the Scenes

I really enjoy these guy’s work… This is a direct reblog from their blog, which can be found here! Go check out their work! It’s awesome!!!   MEANWHILE BEHIND THE SCENES Stefan | 11 October, 2014 When we went to the Laivabäcken river earlier this year I didn’t care that much to gather footage since Rolf had […]