46 kg GT on fly!

It is a privilege for me to announce that one of the very big GT’s landed on the Socotra Island archipelago trip in October 2014 was caught on a fly from the shore. In my previous post (http://feathersandfluoro.com/?p=8017) I mentioned that there were opportunities to catch very large GT’s (30 – 60 kg) and bonefish […]

Socotra Island movie

The French crew that fished with conventional tackle on the Wild Sea Expedition Socotra Island trip in October 2014 put this movie together – it pretty much sums up the trip; travelling, fishing, more fishing, and lots of big fish…

A’ to the K’ – a fly fishing mission to an unknown tropical destination

There are few unexplored fishing destinations left on Earth. The few rivers and saltwater fisheries that are untouched are mostly in parts of the “old world” where the local, 3rd world country logistics make it unlikely tourist attractions. I am talking places where “no white man has set foot before”. I recently had the opportunity to […]