Tiger Hunt – by Thomas Andrews

Text by Thomas Andrews (photos by Thomas Andrews and Tourette Fishing) I’ve been fascinated by African tigerfish for most of my angling life, even though I live half a world away in Australia. I don’t remember where I first learned about them, but it was many years ago and once I’d discovered them I wanted to […]

Tanzania fish species 2011

There was a request that I reveal the fish species that I collected in Tanzania in the year 2011. Here is a list of photographs and the species names (some are still unidentified or a closely related fish species is suggested until further tests prove it otherwise) of the sampled fish. As always, feedback would be greatly […]

A Glimpse of the African Tiger

Photographs and text by Leonard Flemming In a fly fishing sense Africa is still very much a Dark Continent. Overpopulation, poor logistics across vast distances, and political unrest are a few of the reasons for the lack of numerous magical fisheries throughout its varied landscapes. I recently spent four months guiding Tourette Fishing clients for […]

2012 Fishing season, Tanzania

(Text and photographs by Leonard Flemming) My personality is not the kind that enjoys seeing the same place twice (in more than a year at least), unless there is unfinished business there, otherwise the place has to be as gripping as Terminator 2 (how many times has that been on TV and I watched it, […]

Hippos and Tigers

Whoever says you don’t get tigers in Africa is lying. We do, they’re just not big cats, they’re big fish. Tourette Angling have been making a habit of getting their clients into some BIG Tigerfish. The Tanzanian Tigerfish (Hydrocynus tanzaniae, or the blue tigerfish) grows bigger than its southern cousin, Hydrocynus Vittatus, which we get in the […]