Redemption – Sudanese style

redemption sudanese style

My last run in with an Arabic GT ended in tragedy, that was of the Omani variety and for whatever reason, when I first headed off to Sudan i didn’t consider that these too were Arab geets. Teasing on the bommies and shelves was fantastically exciting, but with increasingly impressive leg infections and easily bored […]

Sudan recap – My favourite trigger eat yet

Stu Harley and I hit the GT highway.  A section of reef battered flat by hundreds of years of wave activity on the waveward side of this reef flanking the Sudanese mainland. Today it was baron with GTs.  We spotted one or two that had no interest in predation of any sort, and soon we […]

Sudan Recap – Rodeo Clowns and the Fluoro Fear

The whatsapp came from Ed “the head” Truter. “NO FLUORO.  If it glows under a UV lamp it will spook Sudanese Trigger”. “Orange yes, FLUORO no.” Well thats a first.  Of course I had to test Eds theory.  I didn’t leave it there either.  Peter Mcloed sent a pic of some fly boxes.  On probing […]

Sudan recaps

Instead of a daily report I’ll post little snapshots of awesome moments exploring this incredible place with Stu Harley, Nicola Vitali and Johan Brits. Some might involve fish, others climbs or stories told by others.  Ill also do posts based around flies.  Why they worked, the theory behind colour and movement (many a thanks owed […]

Petersons Spawning Shrimp variant SBS

The fly boxes are slowly filling up for Sudan, so figured I’d do a few SBS’s.  I dont often tie shrimp flies, but the regular Petersons shrimp is a bit sparse for me for a static presentation.  I initially tied these with fluoro oranges (that glow under UV), but after much abuse from Ed Truter […]

Sudan prep & Fly hack – keel crabs & sticks like SH!T

A few months ago Jimmy and I fished a session at strand and he gave me one of his DMAs.  His flies are always an education in innovation, and this one was no different. “What the hell did you coat this head with?”. “That sticks like shit stuff!” Of course I had no clue he […]

Sudan prep – Scour hour. Contraband Crabs

I couldn’t seem to find the natural Scotchbrite pads that Chichone uses, but I did find kitchen cleaning ones in white. Some tea got them to a nice colour.  Combined with some Evostick “Sticks like Sh!t” mixed with tan hobby paint on the bottom worked a treat. Oh ya, im off to Sudan in May, so […]


The following article was published in Africa’s Original Flyfishing Magazine: Catching a doggie from shore A story about a dogtooth tuna that was caught from an island in the Red Sea By Leonard Flemming The Red Sea has been a red-hot topic amongst saltwater fly fisherman ever since Tourette Fishing started hosting guided trips to […]