Hunting Mud

Team FlyBru seems to get more fishing done than most of us and while we sit behind office desks these guys get to witness mother nature’s best fishy scenes, like this one (words, filming and editing by Matt Gorlei): “An untouched piece of the Orange River flowing through the Kalahari, that is about 500kms from […]

Orange above Augrabies

It was when Ewan Naude received a hint from Guy Ferguson about a top spot to visit on the Orange above Augrabies Falls National Park that he couldn’t resist planning a trip there for the August long weekend. Ewan sent a request for a fishing partner on our Whatsapp group, Carpaholics Anonymous, and due to a […]

Dragons in the Northern Cape – Day 4

The last day at the dam It was a slow start we had flies to tie, leaders to make, and coffee to drink before we headed down to the boats. We knew that the drought wouldve pulled the waters edge further away again and we would have to pull the boats through the sinking sand […]

Dragons in the Northern Cape – Day 3

We cruised out home base and the home bay into a different body of water today.  Milky blue.  Ewan is feeling the pressure. We’d head back to my island first, and on the way there spot an awesome piece of structure.  A channel between two pinnacles.  In the deep sea this is exactly what you’d […]

Dragons in the Northern Cape – Day 2

We arrived back to camp the previous evening to the remains of a Vervet Monkey Frat Party.  They had chewed through our braai salt, opened cooler boxes, eaten a whole box of rusks (that one is quite impressive).  Luckily they didnt manage to open the Bioplus saches.  If they had we would have probably had […]

Dragons in the Northern Cape – day 1

We woke up itching to hit the water, but it would be a false start.  The departing crowd hadn’t filled the water tanks, and the quickly retreating waterline had left the pump high and dry. My OCD requires two showers daily, and after missing one last night, I wasn’t too chuffed with the next one […]

Dragons in the Northern Cape – the arrival

The trip had began in ernest a few weeks before our departure to Bloemfontein.   Ewan had confirmed our booking at VD Kloof dam where we would hunt DIY style for Largemouth Yellowfish, our very own African Mahseer.   The dire situation of the Lesotho rivers Ewan was meant to fish could mean a possible extension […]