Walking with Jesus in Slumtown

“Haha, just watch out for those friggen Jesus fish…We call them Jesus fish ‘cause every time you step on one you shout ‘oh GEEEZIS’, haha!”, Bricky explained joyfully before taking another sip from his beer. I had read somewhere that besides swimming far up rivers to feed on small mullet, skipjack also ambushed their prey […]

Follow Feathers

Some fish trigger an OCD (obsessive catch disorder) in me. Right now I am after a skipjack. I need to catch one on fly… Skipjack/ladyfish/springer (whatever you fancy calling them) do enter Western Cape estuaries and fly anglers have the opportunity to catch really big fish in fairly accessible places, such as the Knysna Lagoon. […]

A trip to the NEC

Photographs and text by Jade Dos Santos The North Eastern Cape (NEC) No matter how much you watch the weather before a trip to the NEC highlands, the one thing you can bet on is that it will be temperamental! It is best to contact a local farmer before embarking on the long drive there. […]