Pre-spawn is here

Last Friday I made an impulsive decision to hit one of the large still water lakes near Cape Town to prospect for smallies. I left town at about 2 pm, allowing me just more than an hour’s fishing before heading home in order to make a dinner date with my missus. I normally use a […]

2015 Five-Weight Shootout

It is time to think about your next stream rod; Yellowstone Angler compared different 5 wt models of several brands. According to their findings, the G-Loomis NRX topped the list again (as it did in the 8 wt Shootout performed in 2014:, with the Scott Radian, Loop OptiStream and Hardy Zenith tied in second […]

Scott Radian

It’s almost old news by now… But I still want one. Thanks to Gink and Gasoline for the vid.

Graphite Lust

Fred and I had a chat the other day about writing specific posts or a general direction for the site.  Something we havent done to date as its worked pretty organically.  There was a pretty funny exchange straight away. 1:12pm Fred Davis Maybe you want to do rods and reels for the salt? 1:23pm Peter […]