A RIPPLE OF EXCITEMENT Tired of flies falling around in your foam fly box? I definitely was (especially after losing plenty flies carrying cheap polystyrene boxes in my pocket) until I got handed the Ripplebox. Sceptic as always about new products and new concepts, like the silicone ‘ripple’ keeping flies in place in this new UK […]


I’ve been using the Smith ChromaPop Caravan since December 2019. Here are some mid-term thoughts In short Exceptional detail and contrast pop from the ChromaPop lens Lens-change mechanism is fuss free and can be done on the water Fit is snug and comfortable Frame styling means you can wear off the water too Some background

Jah Booty

That’s how you pronounce it, Djibouti: Jah Booty. That tiny North Eastern African country nestled quietly between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. And that’s where we’re headed next week. Yes, that reaction you’ve just had; we’re used to it. And it’s nothing like its neighbours. Djibouti was in fact dubbed ‘Africa’s hottest new tourist destination’ a couple of […]

Abel Drag Quick Fix

By Gerald Penkler Abel reels have rightfully earned their reputation as reliably solid and bombproof. Dunk, drop, sand bathe day in and day out and you can still rely on them to stop a drag racer of a fish. However,  as I am sure many have discovered, they have an achilles heel. Ironically it’s cleaning. […]

Flats Box

What do you do when you find an old fly box, remainder of a sticker, and Tamiya plastic spray paint? (The rice is to dry the water that got inside from when it had a wash)

Basket case – the quest for the perfect stripping basket

Too big; too small; too deep; too shallow; too square; too round; too oval; too rectangular. Too punk rock…Not punk rock enough. Hint: It doesn’t exist. “The most useful type of basket is a supermarket shopping basket, held around the waist with a rubber bungie such as which can be acquired at most hardware stores.” […]

Magic Days – Can fishing be the cure for heartache?

I decided to drag out this piece I wrote about 8/9 years ago… thought’d I’d repost it here.. was originally published in the fantastic Fishing & Hunting Journal… “MAGIC DAYS: Can fishing be the cure for heartache? What do non-fisherman think about? This is a question I have found myself considering on numerous occasions in […]

The Mother F#$%ing Fly box review

Something I noticed while stocking up on saltwater flies was that one could never own a big enough fly box for the multitude of crabs, Charlies, poppers and Flippers, Clousers (including mega Clousers) and other large baitfish patterns, such as SF baitfish flies. These are essentials of a basic saltwater box for trips to a […]