Humpday Unwind

Just a little something to get through this wet Wednesday in the Cape…

Humpday Unwind

Todd Moen and Catch Magazine have unveiled a new video (but “from the vault”) that features the chase for big fish in big water in Argentina at Strobel Lake. I got close but never made it to this legendary water… Will have to go back! Clear water and big fish… What else do you want?

This Humpday Unwind takes you to two very different places, the warmth of the tropical Bahamas and the bite of the Danish coast… Enjoy! Three days til the weekend…

The Humpday Unwind: Over Night

Midweek daydreaming from the guys at Livit Films should get you amped to get out when the weekend arrives… “Over Night” from LivitFilms on Vimeo.

The Humpday Unwind: Freckles

This week’s Humpday Unwind comes in from Ray Montoya. Nothing like a little DIY Permit hunting on the Arabian Perninsula! Ray’s the man when it comes to DIY fly fishing so let him take you on some midweek daydreaming!

The Humpday Unwind

Midweek mayhem and madness? Take a moment, enjoy the short and get ready, it’s all downhill until the weekend!