“M” is for Madagascar

Fishing the Radama Archipelago Photographs and text by Edward Truter A collection of photographs from northwestern Madagascar while on an offshore spinning and vertical jigging jolly with host, Radama Sporfishing (www.radama-fishing-lodge.com)                                                 […]

46 kg GT on fly!

It is a privilege for me to announce that one of the very big GT’s landed on the Socotra Island archipelago trip in October 2014 was caught on a fly from the shore. In my previous post (http://feathersandfluoro.com/?p=8017) I mentioned that there were opportunities to catch very large GT’s (30 – 60 kg) and bonefish […]

Rising of De Mond (January 2015)

De Mond is a tiny lagoon that can produce exceptional catches. The most memorable ones are those from the past, such as the 30-odd-kg kob taken in the river just below the hanging bridge. It has always been a sad thought for me that most of the big fish we hear about were caught many […]

Some food for thought on pollution in our waters – Dale Steyn shows how

I believe it is important to share more of this sort of thing worldwide – anglers contribute a huge amount to the conservation of our precious water sources. It is fantastic to see an ambassadeur of South Africa helping to promote this, well done Dale Steyn for speaking our (the Feathers and Fluoro team) language, […]

Deciphering South African legislation on great white sharks

Ian Cox sent me a very good response (from a legal point of view) on my post of catching a great white shark in South African coastal waters and thought it would give Feathers and Fluoro readers some insight on our National legislation; here is Ian’s response (and explanation): “The Marine Living Resources Act is not my […]

Anglers Alibi 2014

The use of a drone gives this fly fishing movie a whole new perspective; great footage and a fresh look at salmon fishing in Alaska.

Juvenile great white caught at Plettenberg Bay

The great white shark is a protected species in South Africa and as far as rumour goes, the line should be cut at a safe distance from the fish as soon as the angler knows that he/she has hooked a great white shark. In the South African Marine Living Resources Act, 1998 (Act no. 18 […]