I didn’t know how this name popped into my head and decided to give it a google, pre-post.  Turns out there was an American Footballer with that last name who became a murderer and its on my Netflix home screen.  Not sure if he was a hermit though, and hopefully this fly murders the perms.  […]

Missing the perfect shot

It was a camp Ray had never heard of, and both of us were worried about one massive, scary thing; humans. This wasn’t a typical fly fishing lodge like those catering to the Australian and American anglers headed to CXI. It was a guesthouse set up specifically to accommodate fisherman, snorkelers and birders wanting to […]

River therapy

In my life river has always meant estuary.  I’ve never been landlocked, so that definition never needed to change, until now.  Rivers North and North-East have Crocodiles and leobarbus , rivers South have just leobarbus. In these parts people tend to keep their info close to their chests, so, truly on the outside, its Google […]

Foam Turneffe Crab SBS

I’ve been playing with Turneffe proportions and materials the last day or so, particularly hoping to substitute deer hair for spun foam and micro ultra chenille for the round rubber legs.  First test was with sheet foam and didnt quite look right.  Today I managed to find some 0.5mm beetle foam (?) which I was […]

Steffans Sudan Turneffe

Steffan had been to Sudan multiple times when I met him there.  His Triggerfish fly box was a shock to me -one fly.  Various weights and sizes, but a single pattern.  Turneffe crabs.  Everywhere.  He remarked “this is the only fly for triggers”,  Stu piped up with, “yup, if they don’t eat it, its just […]

Fly head makes gas hed

Every now and then, a truly talented fly tyer comes along.  This year is my 25th year behind the vice, and although I can usually pull off a decent tie, I never developed the distinct style or flair that truly talented tiers have.  You can see a Borski fly straight away, the same with Popovics […]

No more damn crustaceans

Ive banned myself from tying crustaceans.  I have triggerfish like taste at the vice and as a result I always end up tying Crabs, Shrimp, etc.  As a result my fish flies aren’t where they should be.  More than once now Ive found myself in a bait ball scenario hating everything in my fly box.  […]