A Little Christmas Action

Ray recently got back from a Christmas Island trip – Kiritimati in the Pacific – and during a chat about a looming Omani trip, dropped me a few videos of his trip. He said he fished quite a bit on the outside of the Atoll. He reckons he normally ignored these areas in the past […]

The Humpday Unwind: Freckles

This week’s Humpday Unwind comes in from Ray Montoya. Nothing like a little DIY Permit hunting on the Arabian Perninsula! Ray’s the man when it comes to DIY fly fishing so let him take you on some midweek daydreaming!

Vote for our Homie Ray

Because its a bloody DIY Rooster!  Thats why! http://www.moldychum.com/moldy-chum-photos/ The holy shit Rooster deserves it. [vimeo 103020563 w=500 h=281]

Ray on Roosters

“Thoughts on Roosters Okay, first off, I’m a complete neophyte when it comes to hunting roosters from the beach, but I’ve logged a least three decades of beach fishing and two decades of targeting jack species con mosca. What follows is a combination of first impressions and said experience from the past week. Hey, I’ve […]

A toast! Ray did it!

This might sound ridiculous, but the high of my fishing year to date was someone else’s.  My brother-from-another-mother, Ray Montoya has been hunting down Roosters on foot.  Yup, like we all want to.  Ray prescribes to the exact same fishing ethos as I do, so I know exactly whats going through his mind and what […]