Bumpies from Above

Bumpies are often referred to as being farm animals, swimming in herbs rather than shoals, etc. This is why!

Feed a GT

Or a Dogtooth Tuna… Nick is at it again. When he gets bored of catching big fish, he swims down and serves them a meal. Photos courtesy of Nick and James Loudon.

Farquhar Day Dreaming

Our very good friend Nick Filmalter is certainly living the dream. He’s just spent a bit a time diving (and fishing a bit) around Farquhar. These are a few photos that he was ‘kind’ enough to send. They’re all taken from the yacht’s microlite. Enjoy the day dreaming – I know I have been! All […]

You need to watch this.

Ive been begging Nick to do a proper Ascension post and Im pretty sure he’ll get round to it.  In the meantime -check this out. [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/53254797 w=800&h=400] Rainbow beach from Nick Filmalter on Vimeo.

Nick at St Joes

Nick is at St Joes. And he forgot his fly rod.  So what does Murphy do… Presents him with a shoal of 30 permit. Ouch.