Del Brown’s Merkin Crab SBS

Del Brown, a name synonymous with Permit fishing, is often credited as the man who originally cracked the Permit code. The secret to his success was his Merkin Crab. Del used strands of rug yarn, tied square to the hook shank, trimmed into the body with a very basic addition of feathers for pincers and […]

Casting in the Wind

When it comes high winds and casting, many chaps get scared off. The first statement made by so many fly fishers when told I was out on a blustery day is: “In this wind? followed by a slightly incredulous look. Damn right in this wind. I’ve found that fishing in the wind provides several benefits […]


A few weeks before 2020 stuck its middle finger at us and the world turned to poo, I walked out onto a sand flat for the first time. It’s also very likely that no one has waved a fly rod out here before either.  And it was teaming with fish. But this is not some […]

Lesotho Showreel

Richard White of Black Rock Productions was good enough to share this epic little showreel of a mission they recently did into Lesotho… “Scotty (@cartel_flyfishing) did some digging into rivers that should hold fish in them, then found the tributaries of those rivers which eventually led to the river we hiked into. Loaded with printed out […]

A Growing Addiction

I met Daniel a month before I left the Seychelles. I had been living on Praslin for a couple of years and had caught my fair share of fish. Daniel had just moved out and was there to fish. We chatted briefly, shared a few notes and then I was off. We never got to […]

Cold and Clear

“Go scratch in the gullies. With bait” Was something along the lines of Pete’s chirp in reply to my moans about how slow, clear and cold the waters of the Southern Cape were. It was nearly the end of my northern hemisphere summer break and had just spent an afternoon plodding the edges of a […]

What Went Down in Djibouti

Landing at Djibouti International, I knew I was back in Africa. Simple, tired decorations, signs of better economic times now past and, of course, confused customs officials – I felt right at home! We’d set off on this little exploration on a sniff of a rumour and a couple of French blog posts. We’d set […]

Jah Booty

That’s how you pronounce it, Djibouti: Jah Booty. That tiny North Eastern African country nestled quietly between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. And that’s where we’re headed next week. Yes, that reaction you’ve just had; we’re used to it. And it’s nothing like its neighbours. Djibouti was in fact dubbed ‘Africa’s hottest new tourist destination’ a couple of […]