I recently returned from my annual trip on the lower Orange river and when people ask me what I love about fishing I usually simply take them through a day on the Orange. You float down a deserted river with zero contact with the outside world for 6 days enjoying nature in all her splendor, […]

Conserving my quarry the Clanwilliam yellowfish

The following article featured on the Red Bull website: Anglers often use the joy they find in the mountains, the scenic tranquil atmosphere and viewing wildlife as an excuse to carry a fly rod around. If these things were truly the elements of excitement in fishing, then hikes, outdoor photography clinics and game drives would […]

Yellow submarines and the Prince of Shadows

By Ewan Naude Unfortunately for most of us, fishing is something we do when time and married life allows. The trick for me is to cull any unnecessary ‘commitments’ that may keep me away from the water. It is obviously easier said than done, but it works in at least some cases. Luckily I have […]

Simply a fisherman

Words by Ewan Naude I’m not a papgooier, spin fisherman, rock and surf angler or fly fisherman, I’m simply a fisherman. The fact that I predominantly fish with fly tackle is a matter of personal preference and not a delusion of grandeur. If you are a person that subscribes to the #itonlycountsonfly philosophy then you […]