By Richard Schumann
I recently had the good fortune of fishing some remote flats in Oz and on the day in question, I had had a good flats session and as the tide started running out, some good sized blacktip reef sharks moved onto the flat and I managed to pin one. Soon thereafter a small bull shark (or “zambezi” as we know it in South Africa) came up the line and I got really lucky and managed to feed it my fly. The added bonus was that it was from terra-firma and a free-swimmer – no boat and no teasing or chumming.
Now I’m in the market for tiger and a hammerhead on the flats!
Bull shark from the beach
Bull shark on the flats
Conrad Botes

Conrad Botes

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4 Responses

  1. The bull shark is a great catch in my opinion Richard! Which fly (or flies?) did you fool those two fish with?

  2. Great fish that Zambo! How did he fight? I remember the small I got years ago was super dogged and very aggressive when I got him up close.

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