Its not fly but just go through this gallery and let the old imagination go wild.  No C&R comments please. Its not me.

Peter Coetzee

Peter Coetzee

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Right Places, Wrong Time

I had salt on the mind all week, and so early Friday headed out to join Conrad at De Mond.  The flat looked perfect, the

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We effectively had two days of fishing left before the bad weather arrived.  We’d already seen the warnings, and the dropping barometer was possibly the

Mission Oman – when it rains.

Day 11 – (17 December 2013) I struggled to sleep last night.  My slightly skinnier frame seemed not to handle all the adrenalin too well.

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  1. West Indies as in India? Or Carribean West Indies?

    Trying to work out if those are indo Pacifics.. If so, wow..

    A friend of mine was supposed to be fishing Lakshadweep, maybe on the flats there…

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