We’ve heard about GTs that eat seabirds – if you haven’t, they do! – but take a look at this video of Barbel doing their best to eat pigeons in France and Spain. I want to see this at home!

Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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    1. Hi Rory.

      Yip, I know that those are catfish and different to the European “barbus barbus’ and its subspecies – they look very similar to Sharptooth Catfish (Clarias gariepnus) we get all Southern Africa. The Afrikaans (a local language derived from Dutch) language refers to them as “baber” (pronounced: baa-birrr) and therefore us English chaps here in SA have got to calling them Barbel because of the translation similar sounding name! Our bad 🙂

      Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for pointing it out!

      1. Hey – no worries, didn’t want to come across like a smart-arsed pedant, just thought you’d want to know. I live in London and we had one wash up on the banks of the Thames recently – huge, decomposing thing, initially it was mistaken for a decaying human body. They get HUGE. Anyway, love the site.

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