Lesotho, the Mountain Kingdom. I have had my ear chewed off by Rex Fey over the years about how good it is. Recently, you have witnessed with me the Middle Earth landscapes that Fey was shouting about.

Behind the Dragon's back lie untouched trout waters.
Behind the Dragon’s back lie untouched trout waters.

Needless to say this constant barrage of photos from behind the back of the Dragon has got me motivated. I’ll headed into the Highlands come December. Rex has got some prime water lined up for us and I must admit that although I’m not overly excited about lugging my rucksack up and over the escapement, I am sure as hell super keen to get to the rivers on the other side.

The plan is very rough and may still change significantly – we may drive in and then walk from the west. The mobility could allow us to get to some different and more remote waters. Maybe even some bigger waters.  Time will tell and Rex has been tasked with the recon. Afterwards I may have to bug Mario Geldenhuys about some Yellowfish chasing with me in his home waters around Aliwal North before heading back to the lagoons to chase some Grunter around…

May the planning commence 🙂

As the year goes by I’ll talk flies, tackle and gear. But in the mean time and just in case you haven’t yet got bored of epic scenery that runs full of fish, here are some more photos from Rex! Bastard!

Scenes from Middle Earth
Scenes from Middle Earth

From a 2008 trip with his sister Meg.

And more fro his trip in February this year…

Please no CanR comments: taking the odd fish for a meal while on the trail is par for the course and the much needed protein is always welcome.

Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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