Peter Coetzee

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Fred Davis

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Conrad Botes

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Leonard Flemming

Andre van Wyk

Jazz Kuschke

Jazz Kuschke



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  1. Leonard Flemming
    Leonard Flemming at · Reply

    Haha, only spotting this now…What a laugh!

  2. Conrad Botes
    Conrad Botes at · Reply

    Hey Fred. Where did you get that pic of me? I certainly didn’t send it hahaha. Classic pics, specially Fred’s!

  3. Nicola Rotunno
    Nicola Rotunno at · Reply

    Hi Fred
    I am Nicola (Nick), from Bologna, Italy.
    Last ten days of april I’ll be in Praslin with my girlfriend Camilla.
    It is a holiday, not a fishing trip, but…
    being a trouts and graylings fly-fisherman for more than thirty years, I would have liked to try for the first time saltwater!
    I saw some videos of you fishing the flats in Praslin, looks like you know pretty well the island, so I wanted to ask you if you were so kind to give me some informations, I would like to catch some bone….!

  4. Andre de Goede
    Andre de Goede at · Reply

    Hi Guys,

    I am off to Mali for a couple of months and would like to go fishing somewhere during my two weekly break, I would like to fly the wife up for a two week holiday. Sounds a bit much for 14 days to be fishing but we could do some sightseeing for a week or so.

    Any suggestions?

    Any organized tri[s planned for end of July?


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