In a follow up to the first knot post, here’s a short video that demonstrates the importance of being able to tie a knot quickly and easily. The scenario was that I had found myself faced with a shoal of angry GTs and after presenting and getting a solid hookup, I got pulled over a coral ridge and was broken off…

There were however a few Geets and Bluefins hanging around in the turmoil picking off the last of the bait – you can see by the angle of the camera that I was constantly looking up to keep tabs on them. But they were leaving and heading along the grass finger quicker than I could follow. And I still had to get a fly on. The leader was frayed so I ended up tying in a long tag end and because of the need to get the fly out, didn’t cut it off.

I stripped off line, made an average presentation and BANG! A big bluefin snuck in front of the Geet I wanted and the fight on. I was a little disgusted by hey, I actually complain. It was, after all, a sizeable Bluefin!

By the time the Bluefin had been released the last o shoal had moved off.

Its not best quality but it highlights how quickly things can happen and why it is best to know your knots inside out!


Fred Davis

Fred Davis

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